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Isla and the Happily Ever After [Review]

Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins

I came into this book figuring there was a fifty-fifty shot of me loving it. I absolutely adored Anna but didn't care much for Lola at all, so I thought Isla could go either way. I'm happy to report that I LOVED it!


I liked Isla right away because she was kind of shy and awkward and being a bit of an awkward person myself this made her very relatable to me. She struggles with her own insecurities and self-worth and that plays a big part in the conflict of the book.


Josh is basically perfect. He's an artist, a senator's son and he has just enough rebellion in him to give him some edge. Trust me when I say that none of the boys in my high school were even half as great as Josh, but that's the joy of fiction.


There is one main supporting character which is Isla's best friend Kurt. There is absolutely no unrequited anything between them (thankfully) they are strictly friends. At first when I found out she had a male BFF I cringed thinking there was going to be a love triangle, but they are definitely more of a brother/sister dynamic.


I should note, that while I loved the book, it's definitely not going to be for everyone. Josh was a bit too perfect which can be an issue for some, Isla's insecurities might bother some people more than they did me. And there is the fact that they are a bunch of overprivileged kids gallivanting around Europe which may not be everyone's cuppa.


For me it all worked to make for a fabulous little escape from the real world.