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Pale As a Ghost [Review]

Pale as a Ghost - Stephen Osborne

This book was a bit of a slow starter for me. The main character Duncan is quite likable and I enjoyed his tone. He had a humorous take on life especially since has a zombie dog and his boyfriend is a ghost. Having said that the book definitely suffered from some pacing issues.


Also, there were large passages from the killer's perspective. This pretty much never works for me. I don't ever care about the killer's back story or about listening to his creepy inner thoughts when I'm reading a book like this.


I did like the ghost, the witch and the zombie dog. The ghost boyfriend has proposed a bit of a threesome with Duncan, his living love interest, and the ghost by way of the ghost possessing the new love interest. I have to say that if that scenario ends up happening it would be something I've never seen before.


Overall, a decent read that is definitely more urban fantasy than romance. I may pick up the second one eventually.