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The Walking Dead - A Larger World [Review]

The Walking Dead Volume 16 TP: A Larger World - Diamond Book Distribution

The more I read in this series, the more sure I am that Rick is a terrible leader. He's an emotional wreck about half the time and an egomaniac a quarter of the time which for those keeping score only leaves about 25% of the time where he is a sane and rational person. I found him extremely irritating in this installment, not to mention the fact that he appears to be going off the deep end once again.


I actually question why these people continue to follow him. It seems like Michonne, Abraham and Andrea all would be better leaders than Rick. At any rate, they do continue to follow him and at the end of this installment it appears that Rick is about to lead them into another disaster. Hopefully most of them live through it, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


This is the final book in compendium 2. Overall the entire compendium was quite good. There were a few slow spots and this final installment wasn't fabulous for me, but I already have the next graphic novel on hold at the library.