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Blood & Thunder [Review]

Blood & Thunder - Charlie Cochet

This was such a satisfying follow-up to Hell & High Water!


In this book we get to see more of Dex's crazy antics, we learn more about Sloane's angst and we get to discover more about Calvin and Hobbs, and there is a bit of movement when it comes to Ash and Cael as well.


There is a scene where Sloane is in his jaguar form that is positively fabulous and was perhaps my favorite moment in the book. There were many other humorous moments which are always so important to me and I think the author does a good job of balancing the humor and angst.


We also discover how messed up Sloane really is. He's been through some horrible stuff and it explains why he has some issues letting people in. I'm glad he finally decided to tell Dex the truth.


I absolutely adore Cael and Ash. I'm dying to read a book that focuses on them and their relationship. Cael is so sweet and Ash can be such an ass and this is one opposites attract story I need to read.


Calvin and Ethan (AKA Hobbs) also have so much potential. I would love to read a book where we actually get to hear a bit more from Hobbs.


The only reason I took off a half star was because of one incident in the book where Sloane didn't wait for back-up even though he knew it was a trap. That just didn't seem like something he would do, especially if it endangered Dex.


Overall, I loved this book and I'm thoroughly invested in the series and all of it's characters. I can't wait to read more!