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For the Longest Time [Review]

For the Longest Time - Kendra Leigh Castle

I read this book based entirely on Ami's fabulous review.


I really enjoyed this one. I'll be honest, second chance romances aren't usually my thing. I often find myself thinking if it didn't work before it probably won't work this time either and sometimes that kills it for me. In the case of this story, I never really felt that way because their initial relationship was more of a friendship when they were both teenagers.


So, a goth girl and a jock become friends. They like each other but peer pressure and general teenage crap result in the jock hurting the girl. That's the basic gist of Jake and Sam's early relationship.


Sam was bullied pretty badly in school and she has a tough time getting past all that as an adult. I think that is pretty understandable. I was never bullied, but I did occasionally get someone saying something awful to me and those memories stick with you even years later.


Despite what Jake did as a teen, I couldn't help liking him. As an adult he's certainly changed for the better. He's quite charming, funny and an animal lover. Pretty much a good catch. I love vet heroes and Jake was a great one. The kittens and Tucker were rather awesome as well.


I also really enjoyed many of the side characters and I feel like their is a lot of potential for future books in the series. Certainly Zoe and Treebeard and Ryan and Aaron would both be awesome to read about. I also think Sam's sister Emma needs someone.


I LOVED all the different pop-culture references in the book. Everything from Backstreet Boys to Iron Man to Game of Thrones gets a nod. While I loved all those little touches I do think it will be tough for the book to stay fresh unless you are reading it in the next few years. 


As far as complaints, I had some issues with the last bit of the book when Jake needed to set some boundaries for his friends. I think it took him too long to get his shit together in that regard. And I feel like he let his ex manipulate him and that just isn't at all attractive.


Overall though this was a super fun read. I will definitely continue the series