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Jay Walking [Review]

Jay Walking - Jacques N. Hoff

So after my previous read that was so very awesome, I decided I wanted to read something else with shifters. I picked this one because I had heard it was light and fluffy and pretty funny.


My description would probably lean more toward silly. There are definitely some humorous moments and while I'm not normally a fan of puns I do think the sheer amount of different ones used in this book are pretty impressive.


I'm a fan of weird shifters, so the fact that Jay is a blue jay was a big selling point for me. There are going to be other bird shifters popping up as the series continues and I suspect Calvin might be a bird of some sort (I'm leaning toward a cardinal.)


I feel like the author kind of took the easy route by making Jay a foster-kid that was abandoned by his parents as a baby. He had no knowledge of why he was a bird shifter or how it all worked and because of that the reader didn't have that knowledge either.


Overall, this was cute and a touch funny. Not sure that I will continue on with the series unless I see a really great review for the second book.