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Dirty Deeds [Review]

Dirty Deeds - S.E. Jakes



Dirty Deeds packs quite a punch for a novella. I think the plot is tighter than in the Hell or High Water books I've read so far and there is a twist at the end that actually shocked me so big kudos to the author for that.


The book is listed as the first in a new series, but this is really a spin-off of Hell or High Water featuring many of the same characters and I definitely think you should read it as part of that series as opposed to on it's own. Plus, if you've read Catch A Ghost and Long Time Gone you will already love Mal and Cillian which will only increase your enjoyment.


My one miniscule complaint is the cliffhanger ending. I would've bought the next book without a cliffhanger ending, but as far as these things go, it's quite an effective one since you don't really have time to process how you feel about what you've found out and then bam... end of book.


This one was definitely a win for me and I may grow to like Mal and Cillian even more than Prophet and Tom if for no other reason than their relationship is going to be even more complicated because of their history.