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Fan Art [Review]

Fan Art - Sarah Tregay

This book was all kinds of cute.


I feel like this is what you hope high school is like. The jocks are friends with the band geeks and get invited to their parties. Everyone knows Jamie and Mason are gay even if neither have come out and everyone is totally cool with it and assumes they are a couple. Even the few bad eggs in the school aren't really that bad. So, I guess what I'm saying is: pretend that you don't remember what your own high school experience was like and just go with the "normal" found in this book.


This was a really cute story about a boy crushing on his best friend. He's not out to the school (but everyone already knows he's gay) but he is out to his mother and step-dad. His mom is how I imagine I would be if I had a son that told me he was gay. She's excessively supportive and can't wait for him to find a boyfriend and she wants him to be out and proud. Not to mention she's married to a guy that threw his step-son a party when he came out and can't wait to attend Pride. (My type of parents!)


It's really obvious from very early on that Mason is crushing on him as well, but of course Jamie is completely oblivious to this fact since he's so obsessed with his own stuff. While I realize that makes him sound annoying, he wasn't. He was a quite likable character and he cared a lot about the people around him.


The fan art aspect of the book mainly focused on a comic drawn by a girl that (for lack of a better word) ships Mason and Jamie together. I liked that the actual comic was included in the book and it was quite adorable. (I'm not sure if kids today actually ship their classmates, but I suppose it's possible. When I was in high school I was so self-absorbed that I couldn't care less which people hooked up, but maybe that was just me.)


The one major thing that bothered me was from the end of the book

when Mason comes out and his father kicks him out of the house and he's sort of fine with it. I feel like there should've been some sadness or anger or SOMETHING.

(show spoiler)

Overall, a really cute book that is definitely worth reading. Some belief suspension required.