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One Man Guy [Review]

One Man Guy - Michael Barakiva

This book was so adorable. Alek and Ethan are quite cute together. This read was a bit fluffier than I thought it would be. I enjoyed it, but I do think it lacked a little bit of depth.


The author did a nice job of incorporating some Armenian culture into the book. I found it quite interesting as I don't believe I've ever read about a main character that is Armenian.


Family dynamics were explored as Alek learns to see his parents and brother in a new light and they also have to learn to see Alek differently as well. Especially when they realize he isn't quite the person they thought he was.


I thought it was interesting that the fact that Alek is gay is not the main source of conflict in the book. I think I was expecting a typical coming out story with strife and disapproving parents and I'm quite glad the author decided to go a different way with it. The complete absence of strife over Alek's realization that he's gay may come off as a tad unrealistic, but it was a nice change of pace so I can't fault the book for it.


Overall, a sweet story about a boy growing up and falling in love. This would make a great beach read.