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The Three [Review]

The Three - Sarah Lotz

I have to start by saying this is not a typical read for me. It was definitely a bit outside of my normal reading comfort zone. And the only reason I read it was because of a review that SilverThistle posted. After reading her review I immediately put the book on reserve at the library.


I will say that the page count was initially a bit daunting but it reads fast. The fictional story is basically told from the perspective of a non-fiction book chronicling four simultaneous plane crashes that took place on different continents. It's told through emails, interviews, audio recordings, text messages etc. I really enjoyed how it was written because you don't get the whole story all at ones. You pick up different fragments as the book progresses along that make you want to keep reading.


Despite the fact that my library has it listed as horror, it's not at all traditional horror (although I did find parts of it horrifying.) And the kids were really creepy at times (especially Jessica.)


At the end of the book, I felt I was left without any real understanding of what actually happened. I have my theories, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Sometimes this type of ending would've really bothered me, but for some reason in this book it just made sense.


Overall, a very enthralling read that made me think (and Google a few things as well. Did you know there is a Suicide Forest in Japan?) I would definitely read this author again.