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Nantucket Red [Review]

Nantucket Red - Leila Howland

When I read Nantucket Blue last year I really enjoyed it. It was summery but had substance. Admittedly it also had it's fair share of teen angst but this is YA so you have to expect that. At the time I gave the book 4 stars because of some of the unresolved issues, thankfully this book came along and resolved those things.


I ended up enjoying Nantucket Red even more than the first book. Cricket grew so much in this book. She learned a lot about herself and gained way more self-awareness than she had in the previous book. It was nice to see her grow up and make amends with her parents and Jules.


All the secondary characters were great. We got to see many of the characters from the last book in smaller roles and I'm so glad that Liz had a big role in this book. She's such a great friend to Cricket.


The only little thing that bothered me was the situation with Zack. I don't feel like it was really discussed as thoroughly at the end as it should've been in order to resolve everything that had happened and all the hurt that had taken place between them.


Overall, a great read, especially for summer. I was delighted to get to visit Nantucket again and follow Cricket's ups and downs.


Side note: You should definitely read Nantucket Blue first to really get the most out of this book.


I'm using this book for S in my A to Z Reading Challenge.