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After the End [Review]

After the End - Amy Plum

After the End was not at all what I thought it was going to be. Naturally, I had The Village in my head when I read the blurb. Thankfully, the portion of the book where Juneau is unaware of the outside world is brief.


Juneau goes on a hunting trip and returns to her village to find everyone gone. So she sets out to find answers. The first thing she learns is that all the adults in her life have been lying to her since birth. Along the way she meets up with Miles and they end up on the run from two different groups that are chasing Juneau for mysterious reasons.


Juneau and Miles don't really like each other much initially and Miles actually thinks that Juneau is insane (with good reason, really.) Some of his thoughts are pretty amusing especially when he finds her cooking a rabbit that she caught.


The main thing that kept me reading is the fact that I wanted to know everything that was going on. Why were the villagers taken? Where are they? What is Whit really up to? The questions go on and on.


This book is told in the POV of both Juneau and Miles and I thought they were done well and that both characters were quite distinct.


I had two issues with the book. The first being the Yara. I wasn't aware that the book had paranormal elements going into it. I'll be honest, for a portion of the book I was hoping that Juneau actually was crazy so there wouldn't be paranormal elements in it. Unfortunately, Juneau isn't crazy and the Yara is a thing. I'm kind of over paranormal books at the moment, so this was not a bonus for me.


The second thing was the ending. You don't really get any answers at all and the book ends on a cliffhanger. So wish I had known that going into it, but I avoided reviews because I didn't want to be spoiled on how the plot actually unfolded, so I had no idea. I didn't even realize it was a series until I finished it. Such a bummer.


Overall, an interesting read with some creative ideas and likable characters. I will probably read the second one if I haven't lost interested by the time it comes out.