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Forever and a Day [Review]

Forever and a Day - Jill Shalvis

I love reading a Jill Shalvis book because I always know I'm in for a nice love story with plenty of humor. This book was no exception. There were a few really funny moments, plenty of great dialog and sweet love story.


This book featured a small child. This is normally a no-go for me. I just don't care for kids in my romances (plus this one also had an angry 21 year old sister that was more like a teen than an adult) and I usually won't pick up a book if I know there are kids in it. I make exceptions for some authors and Shalvis is one of them. She manages to right kids in a way that isn't annoying and that is clearly not easy to do since few authors have a knack for it. It also helps that the kids actually act like kids and not tiny adults.


There were some over-the-top moments that were a leaning a tad toward ridiculous (they usually involved Lucille and the Lucky Harbor Facebook page.) I'm sure many readers love those touches but for me they tend to be a bit much.


Overall though a really fun read with a great couple. I will definitely be visiting Lucky Harbor again soon.


I'm using this book for X in my A to Z Challenge.