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Immersed in Pleasure [Review]

Immersed in Pleasure - Tiffany Reisz

So, I read this fabulous review and was so intrigued that I had to check it out. Lucky for me my local library had a digital copy available, so I checked it out and read it while I was waiting for laundry to wash.


I should clarify that I went into this book thinking there were actual mermaids in it, so I felt a bit silly when I realized that was not strictly the case. I do think the author did a good job of creating a unique world and scenario for the book.


I thought that telling the story from Derek's POV as he tell his friends about Xenia was a bit of a mixed bag. I liked it because it was different and somewhat unexpected. On the flip side, I don't feel like I really got to know Xenia as well as I would've liked and I didn't really understand her reasons for joining the mermaid club. 


The sex scenes were certainly out of the norm, but not over-the-top kinky (at least for me, your mileage may vary) and I found it rather unusual that the first sex scene in the book is between Derek and another woman.


Overall, I thought this was an interesting read and gave me a feel for the author. After reading this one, I'm definitely up for trying some of her other books.