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Unhinge the Universe [Review]

Unhinge the Universe - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt

This is the first book I've actually finished in about three weeks. That's the longest slump I've had in years so thank goodness for this book pulling me out of it.


I think what really pulled me into this story was the time period. I don't read many books set during WWII. Then there is the whole forbidden romance aspect since the love story is between two soldiers on opposite sides of the war.


My biggest concern going into the book was whether the authors would be able to make Hagen (a Nazi) likable. Was he going to be someone I could root for? I'm shocked to say that the authors made it work. Hagen is written in such a way that he comes across as sort of young and idealistic about his country and his military service. He loses some of that youthful naivety along the way as the story plays out and he learns things about his country and the officers that rank above him.


John was the more experienced American and although he was said to be a skilled interrogator, he didn't seem particularly good at it to me. That being said, I thought it was believable how he softened toward Hagan. There ended up being something rather sweet about the pairing.


There were a few things towards the end that bothered me and I thought that it perhaps wrapped up a bit too tidily when you consider the situation, but overall, I found this to be an engrossing book and a change of pace for me that I desperately needed.