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Tackling Mt. TBR

I'm an internet junkie that is obsessed with books. I own more than I will ever read in this lifetime and yet I'm still compelled
to buy more. I read mostly romance (mild to completely smutty), YA and urban fantasy.

10 Things. An Icebreaker.

So, the fabulous Grim started all this with this post. (Congrats on 200 followers, Grim!) I decided to hop on the bandwagon, so here you go, 10 random things about me:


1. I have OCD. Not in the way that people often joke about, but in the serious and sometimes really awful way. It doesn't necessarily bother me that people joke about it, but I do think that most do not understand how severe it can be. It can change your life, not in a good way and it is an illness, which isn't actually that funny.


2. I used to be very involved in soap fandoms.


3. I like to take photos. I'm by no means professional or even a serious hobbyist, but it's something I enjoy and I find it calming. Mostly nature stuff. If you let me loose in a garden with a camera, it could take hours for me to leave.


4. I am extremely clumsy. (Sadface)


5. I am a coffee lover, but I never have more than two cups a day. I don't like to go crazy with caffeine and I believe that decaf is the root of all evil.


6. I am a bit bargain obsessed. I coupon, I go thrifting, yard sales are practically an Olympic sport for me, etc.


7. I'm useless to the world if the internet goes out. I can't focus on anything because I feel like I'm adrift with out my connection to everything.


8. I love TV. I know some book nerds don't like to admit it, but I love TV. Bad reality shows, nature documentaries, sitcoms from the 80s, you name it, I'll probably watch it. My favorite shows at the moment are The Walking Dead (8b. I would be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse) and Dangerous Grounds (this goes with my coffee love, naturally.) 


9. I'm a huge music lover. My go-to band at the moment is Bastille. (And I'm going to see them in concert in May!) My all time favorite band is Third Eye Blind.


10. I can be a bit too opinionated and I'm not always good at hearing other people's opinions, but it's something I'm working on. I definitely think I've mellowed a bit on that front in the past few years.