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Love and Other Games [Review.... kinda]

Love and Other Games (A Very Sexy Short Story Collection) - Ana Blaze, Aria Kane, Melinda Dozier, Kara Leigh Miller

Dear self,


Please stop purchasing New Adult books. No matter how promising they may seem on the outside, you are always disappointed at best and horrified at worst. Why do you continue to waste your extremely limited reading time trying to slosh through this NA abyss? Accept that you don't like it and move on!





I bought this when I was looking for books involving the Olympics (the last book only got two stars... that'll teach me to have a theme) and this looked kind of fun and cute. Four short stories that take place in the athlete's village, how could I go wrong? Apparently, I went wrong when I decided to buy this.


Trouble With Gold - DNF

The first story in the book and not a promising start at all. Ty is a leering idiot. Seriously, he's shackled to a fence in sub-zero temps and all he can do is leer at the girl that happens by. The aforementioned girl hates Americans (being an American, I'm aware that many people hate us on principle, but it's tough to warm up to a character that hates people based on their nationality alone.) Of course, as soon as she sees the hot American shackled to the fence all she can think about is doing him... blah blah blah... New Adult, I hate you!


Ice Gold - DNF

The "hero" of this book is a hockey player. He's also kind of an ass. The girl thinks it's hot. That's as far as I got... blech.


The Girl Behind the Gold - DNF

This one started off better than the others, but I could see where the plot was going at about the second chapter. This one did have a tad more substance, but the lead male was still a bit of an ass.


Worth More Than Gold - 3 stars

This was the only one of the stories I finished. It was actually pretty cute. Erik wasn't an ass and Amy was perfectly likable. There was some amusing dialog and for the most part it was actually how people would talk to each other (which is more than I can say for the other stories.) So, three solid stars for this one, but unfortunately it couldn't carry the book all by itself.