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Moving in Rhythm [Review]

Moving in Rhythm - Dev Bentham

This is such a lovely little book! This book was randomly selected from my TBR for my something old book in a challenge. I've had it for I don't even know how long, but I never read it, and now I'm wondering why I didn't get to it sooner.


This is really Mark's story. The entire book is from his POV and the book is ultimately about his journey. It's not just a love story, but rather about a man coming to terms with who he is and learning how to overcome some pretty major mental obstacles.


Mark is shy. Shy to the point where he has panic attacks when he's in big groups or around men he finds attractive. I'll admit the panic attacks in this story hit a bit close to home for me. I'm not shy, but I have OCD and sometimes the anxiety that comes along with that is paralyzing. So, I really identified with Mark and was rooting for him to overcome the crippling shyness and panic that was holding him back.


Because the story is all from Mark's POV and is not solely focused on the romance we don't get to know Seth as well as I would've liked, but I loved the way he wooed Mark. First with emails, then phone calls and finally in person. I feel like the relationship seemed a bit quick though.


Lisa and Claire were wonderful secondary characters and I felt like they really added a lot to the story and were important to Mark's journey. Even though Pete's brother only makes a couple of brief Skype appearances, I liked him as well. And I loved the dogs too!


Overall, it was a rather heartwarming story that left me feeling happy. I wish there had been an epilogue with Pete coming home, but that's mainly because I don't care for loose ends.


I'm using this book for F (Family) in my A to Z Challenge since a big part of this book was Mark growing closer to his sister-in-law and also, somewhat indirectly, his brother.