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The Lone Warrior [Review]

The Lone Warrior - Lori Austin

I had mixed feelings when I got to the end of this book. On the one hand, I loved it, but on the other, I only just realized that this is the conclusion of the series and I can't say I'm not a tad disappointed.


This series has been a real eye-opener for me in so many ways. First off, I would've never picked up a historical western prior to winning my copy of the Beauty and the Bounty Hunter. Secondly, I learned that I can enjoy a book with characters so flawed and broken that their behavior is sometimes extremely questionable. And despite said behavior, I root for them.


The good:


1. I loved both Luke and Rose. They were both pretty badass. (Strong women are another reason I enjoy this series.) While both characters are a bit broken, Luke is definitely more so.


2. I couldn't stop reading it. I had to know what was going to happen.


3. The author doesn't shy away from the harsh realities of the West or the conflicts between the military and the Native Americans.


4. The characters from previous books were all in it, but not too much.


5. The plot worked for me.


6. I really like how the author wrote Lily.

The girl had acclimated to her new life and new family, which worked perfectly since she was taken so young and kids tend to adjust better than adults.

(show spoiler)


7. The story wraps up in a satisfying way for all the characters (even if it does seem a bit too tidy.)


8. Despite the dangerous situations and angst there were moments of levity and humor.


The not so good:


1. One questionable sex scene in a sink hole.


2. The inevitable

miscarriage plot device.

(show spoiler)

3. It's the last book! Seriously, that is a legitimate complaint, because I want to read about Moze!


4. Also, the cover. The last book had a terrible cover as well. It's like Penguin doesn't want the book to do well.


Overall, I loved this book. It would've been a five-star read if not for items 1 and 2 on the not so good list. Despite my disappointment that Moze isn't getting his own book, I'm ultimately happy with how everything ended.


I will be using this book for V in my A to Z challenge. The hero served during the Civil War.