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Mine Till Midnight [Review]

Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas

There is a reason that Lisa Kleypas is crazy popular and every book I read by her really enforces that. This book was a delight. I loved all the humor and the Hathaway family is so quirky and odd that they remind me a bit of my own.


I already knew the hero of this book from The Wallflower series, so I was very excited to read Cam's love story. He was a nearly flawless hero (although I did find him a touch too possessive toward the end, but considering the time period it was forgivable.) I found him charming, intelligent and fairly badass in a fight. He came into the heroine's life and took her plethora of problems and helped her work them all out. (Who doesn't hope for someone to show up and do that?)


Amelia put everyone in her family before herself, but the author did a good job of not turning her into a martyr. Her reasons weren't necessarily because she was selfless and giving but rather because she was a bit of a control-freak and was scared of being hurt again. My one quibble with the book (and the reason it was a 5-star read) was that I found her a bit too stubborn. It seemed to take her too long to realize that it was okay to need help sometimes.


I adored all of the Hathaway's (even Leo) and I'm crazy excited to read Win's book. I'm also dying to know why Merripen and Cam have the same pooka tattoo. Overall, a really great first-in-series book.


This is the first book out of my Ten To Knock Off My TBR in 2014 Goal!


I'm also using this for my A to Z Challenge for letter P. (The family moves to a new home they've never been to and it was an important part of the story.)