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Unwrapped [Review]

Unwrapped - Cari Quinn

This book was such a surprise for me. I thought I was getting a short smutty holiday novella. What I ended up getting was a novel. It was smutty, but there was also a romance between three people and all the issues that come up when you are in a relationship with two other people instead of just one.


Initially I found Cait to be extremely judgmental, but Tristan eventually pointed that out to her and she realized how she had judged her family and I appreciated that she grew as a person a bit.


Tristan and Matt were both great and I think the author did a good job of making them each have distinct personalities. Sometimes in menage books the guys end up being kind of interchangeable, but thankfully that was not the case here.


This is a relationship between all three people which happens to be my menage preference. I like the guys to be just as into each other as they are with the girl because then it seems balanced and I can almost believe that they can make it work in the long run.


It did have a few problems, of course. As I said, I found Cait a bit judgmental at first. There was A LOT of sex (as one would expect) but some of it was a bit too repetitive. But, overall, one of the better menage books I've read.