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Snowed Over [Review]

Snowed Over - Angie Stanton

So, I think this book had a lot of potential to be a fun, Christmas NA type of read. The author did write some nice dialog and there were a few really great one-liners courtesy of Alex. The whole snowed-in thing is a trope I typically enjoy as well, so this book worked for me in that respect. Also, the cover is adorbs.


Unfortunately, the book is not without it's issues. I think this book could greatly benefit from a good editor. There were some sentences that were pretty awkward and certain things that could've been polished up to make the overall reading experience more pleasant.


My main complaint is Trina. The character is completely lacking in depth and the fact that she is so one-dimensional really took away from the story. Alex never has to feel conflicted about his feelings for Katie because his betrothed is such a bitch.


Also, the fact that Alex (the "hero") is the nicest, hottest, most faithful (up until the whole cabin thing) guy on Earth and somehow we are supposed to believe that he is engaged to the bitchiest, most mean spirited girl on the planet and is too big of a doormat (his word, not mine) to break off the engagement. I'm not sure that a guy that spineless is really worth rooting for, but... different strokes and all that.


Lastly, I don't understand the evil mother. I was all set for Katie to make amends with her mom (as Christmas books tend to do) and it never happened. Turns out her mom is just an awful person, but it's okay because she's going to ride off into the sunset with Alex.


So... to sum it up, lots of potential. I think it could've been great, but it just didn't quite get there.