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Merry Gentlemen [Review]

Merry Gentlemen - Josephine Myles

This was a fun, sweet (and sometimes smutty) little Christmas story about Riley and Stan.


The whole story was from Riley's POV, so I never really learned as much about Stan as I would have liked to and I was a bit bummed that we didn't get more of the details of their previous relationship.


One thing I really enjoyed about this book was the humor. Being in Riley's head was pretty amusing because he had a very unique way of looking at things. Then when you added the vengeful seagull to the mix and I couldn't help laughing.


There was a kind of city mouse/country mouse type of dynamic between Ri and Stan. They loved each other but they wanted really different things out of life. In the end they compromised. The compromise wasn't entirely balanced, but both guys seemed to be happy with their new life so I guess it was all good.


Overall, an entertaining Christmas read with a nice British setting and plenty of sex.