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The Outside [Review]

The Outside  - Laura Bickle

So, first off, this book is not as good as The Hallowed Ones. That being said it was still a fairly good read. There were a few shocking moments and even a few that made me smile, despite the grim circumstances of the book. And I like that it sort of came full circle in the end, but I felt like the ending didn't really provide much closure or answers about what was happening. We never really find out what caused the outbreak. We never find out if the government gets things under control. We never find out the fate of anyone but the people in Katie's community and after reading there will not be another book, I find this frustrating.


I also found myself somewhat bored by Katie's ongoing struggle with her faith. In the previous book she was questioning her beliefs and she had to make some hard choices regarding her faith. In this book she spends a bit too much time ruminating over the choices she made. I did think it was interesting to see how she attempted to keep to the Amish way of life even on the Outside, but sometimes it seemed impractical.


In the latter half when they met the "glowing" people, I feel like the book jumped the shark a bit. I know it's hard for a book about a vampire apocalypse to jump the shark, but I can't think of any other way to describe my feelings about it.


As I said the book comes full circle at the end, but doesn't really resolve anything on a grander scale. I would've given this book 4 stars if not for how it was all wrapped up at the end.


Side Note: Despite the fact that there were more vampires in this book, it wasn't as creepy as the previous book. I was a little bummed about that.