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'Twas the Night After Christmas [Review]

'Twas the Night After Christmas - Sabrina Jeffries

I picked this book as my first Christmas read of the season because it had been on my TBR since last Christmas.


I did find Pierce annoying on a couple of occasions, but overall I liked him. I really admired Camilla. She had a positive view of the world despite a really tough life and an unsatisfying first marriage. Her son was also quite delightful (and that is coming from someone that usually can't stand children in the books I read.)


The thing that really kept me turning pages was the secret that Pierce's mother was hiding. I was dying to find out what had happened to have her abandon Pierce when he was a child. I had so many different guesses as to why she shipped her son off to live with relatives and none of them were exactly right. It was interesting watching Pierce and Camilla try to figure it out as well because they guessed all the same things I did.


Overall, this was a nice holiday read that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy at the end. Nothing ground-breaking, but still worth a read if you like Christmas and historicals.