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Pressure Head [Review]

Pressure Head (Plumber's Mate, #1) - J.L. Merrow

This book was so delightfully British. Truthfully, it was just delightful in general. I see this classified as m/m romance, but I would call it more of a m/m cozy mystery. There is a romance (and one smokin' hot sex scene) but that is not the entire focus of the book.


I absolutely adored Tom Paretski, the first-person narrator of the book. He's cheeky and being inside his head was so much fun. He's a plumber that joined up with Phil (the love interest) to solve a crime. There was a host of other colorful characters as well as cats. (I'm a sucker for books with cats!)


This is a murder mystery, so there are definitely some dark moments, but overall the tone is light and there are plenty of moments of humor. There is a paranormal element at work here, but it's pretty lightly done, so I think you could enjoy this book even if you don't care for all things paranormal.


Overall, a win for me. I have several other books by JL Merrow on my TBR mountain and look forward to reading them.