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Devon's Pair [Review]

Devon's Pair - Jayne Rylon

When I pick up a book in this series I'm expecting some smutty goodness with an extremely weak plot. This book pretty much fits that description. I've given all the other books in this series three stars because they are pretty entertaining for what they are.


This one only gets two stars because I really didn't care for the set-up. Neil and James have been an established couple since the beginning and seeing Neil fall for someone else and James trying to deal with it wasn't great for me. 


The resolution to the problem is that James (after realizing that Neil can't give up Devon) discovers that he loves and is attracted to her as well. Perhaps in a more lengthy format or a book with more depth, this could've been a cool development into a menage relationship, but ultimately it wasn't believable here and made me sad for Devon and James.