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At Last [Review]

At Last - Jill Shalvis

As a rule, I'm a big fan of Jill Shalvis. I think her books are just wonderful. There is always humor and fabulous dialogue. But, there have been a few exceptions where I just couldn't connect with the characters and unfortunately this is one of them.


The main reason this book only ranked three stars for me were the main characters. I didn't really care about Matt and Amy. So watching them get their happy ending didn't really leave me warm and fuzzy because I just didn't like them enough. I found Amy to be sullen and cranky for a good portion of the book (I understand she had a rough past, but it was hard to understand why Matt fell for her.) Also, I don't really feel like they fell in love despite the fact that they say they did at the end. Nearly every time they were together they were having sex. It was difficult to know that there was more going on than just sex both for them and the reader.


Overall, not bad, but definitely not one of the better Lucky Harbor books. Looking forward to Josh and Grace's story though.