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Reveal Me [Review]

Reveal Me - Cari Quinn

Despite the fact that this book starts in a sex club named Kink this book is surprisingly vanilla. Nothing kinky to see here at all, but the sex scenes weren't bad.


As for characters, I hated Alana. She was awful in high school and despite her claims that she wanted to change, I saw no proof of that.


Nicky didn't have much character at all and I found it hard to believe that he didn't have any hard feelings about the fact that the girl he was in love with in school treated him like garbage. Clearly, he is more forgiving than any person I've ever met in real life.


I don't know what the point of the best friend was. She was often discussed but ultimately served no purpose other than to show us what a bad friend Alana was.


The basic plot is that Alana got dumped by her boyfriend and runs into Nicky, a former classmate she used in high school to make someone else jealous. They have sex. Then they go to his place and have more sex. There is a brief run-in with the ex-boyfriend and then Nicky finds her a job so she can stay with him in Maryland (after only being reacquainted for 24 hours, mind you.) There is no commitment at the end though so I would say it's HFN.


Overall, not terrible as far as smut goes, but not particularly good either.