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Pick Your Pleasure

Pick Your Pleasure (Pick your Pleasure, #1) - Jayne Rylon

 So this is really a 3-star read for me, but the novelty value and the fact that I will be reading it again to find all the different scenarios bumped it up to 4.

This is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book of the very adult variety. I loved reading the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books when I was younger and I really loved the novelty of having the same format in a smuttier adult version.

Basically, this book is whatever you make of it. You pick the guy, you pick the situations and as a result you will be able to read it several times with a different story each time. I will definitely be going back and reading the other options at some point.

My only real complaint was the ending which didn't work for me at all. It got a bit silly (with Ryder being a prince and all that) and I felt that the "connection" between the two was way too rushed.

That being said this was a very entertaining and smutty diversion. I look forward to seeing what would've happened if I had picked the other guy.