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West of Want

West of Want (Hearts of the Anemoi, Book Two) - Laura Kaye

I really liked this book. I love how the gods interact and what their different abilities are.


Zeph and Ella were a wonderful couple. They had both been through painful heartbreak and had trust issues and perhaps that's why they worked so well together. I thought Zeph's history was really interesting. From the last book, I thought he was going to be angrier or more bitter than he actually was. He was more of a lonely lost soul type. I liked him but not as much as Owen from North of Need who I found utterly delightful.


Naturally I was thrilled to see Owen and Boreas again, but I was most excited about Chrysander. I already love him, which is going to make waiting for the next book that much more difficult. Overall, this was a really good book with a lot of twists and turns and a few unexpected developments as well. I really enjoyed it and can't wait for South of Surrender.