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Just Ask

Just Ask - Mia Downing

Okay, so I loved this book! Seriously.


When I first started the book, I was nervous because Jordan comes in as the ruthless businessman type, which doesn't always work for me. Then I got to know him and he had all these layers to him. Watching him discover who he really is and figure out where he belongs in the world was a complete pleasure.


I loved Ryan too. He really understood Jordan better than even Jordan did. He knew when to push and when to step back, which is ultimately why I think they were so great together.


The island setting was practically a character unto itself. I want to go there! Even with the huge spiders and the volcano.


Also, even though he dies before the start of the book, I loved Blake. I learned so much about him through Ryan and Jordan that I felt like I knew him as well. I'm not sure if Mia Downing is planning on writing a book for Sam, Jordan's sorta-ex-but-current-friend, but I would be first in line to read it. Overall 5 stars!


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.