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Rarer Than Rubies

Rarer Than Rubies - E.M. Lynley

I nearly put this book down after reading the opening chapters. I didn't like Trent initially and the writing wasn't working for me. However, I stuck with it and the story actually got pretty interesting.


I feel like the book really found it's footing once Trent lands in Thailand. If I had to describe this book, I would say that it puts me in mind of the movie Romancing the Stone.


Trent did eventually grow on me, although I still think he pouted entirely too much and that he was too desperate for approval. I had somewhat mixed feelings about Reed as well. About half the time I thought he was fun and the other half of the time I found him a bit too condescending.


Since this is a series where the books follow one couple, I'm able to forgive some of that because the characters haven't completed their story yet so there is still more time for character growth.


The biggest wins as far as this book was concerned are the setting (which I thought was fabulously vivid) and the somewhat zany plot involving a ruby Buddha, Thai mobsters and our main characters being taken as prisoners. Overall this was an entertaining read and I will probably pick up the second book at some point to see what kind of trouble Reed and Trent get into next.