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The Queen Is Dead

The Queen Is Dead - Kate Locke

I was very excited to revisit the somewhat disturbing world that Kate Locke has created and I wasn't disappointed, although this book wasn't quite as good as the previous book, it was still a really entertaining read.


I'm pleased to see that Xandra is beginning to come into her own somewhat. I still think that she is too impulsive and doesn't always think things through, but she is 22 so a lot of that is understandable. One thing I quite like about this series is that I don't necessarily think of Xandra as "the good guy," she's got flaws and occasionally she is vicious and yes, once in a while she'll eat a heart or two, but she's really rather self-aware. So about the time I'm thinking, why did she do that? She's also thinking it and that makes her more relatable to me. So even when she's doing something foolish or acting a little self-absorbed, I can't help but like her despite myself.


Vex is wonderful. Seriously, he has got to be one of my favorite shapeshifters ever. I don't always understand why he got mixed up with Xandra or why he loves her, but then Xandra doesn't always understand it either. I'm just happy that he does.


I enjoyed all the side characters in this book (most of which are Xandra's relatives) and I'm pleased that at least for now it doesn't appear that the author is going the love triangle route despite my initial fear of that due to the reappearance of Rye. I definitely look forward to reading the next book in the series. There is still a lot of story to be told here.