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I'm an internet junkie that is obsessed with books. I own more than I will ever read in this lifetime and yet I'm still compelled
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Wicked as They Come

Wicked as They Come - Delilah S. Dawson I had originally intended to read this book next month, but then I picked it up early at a local store and was in need of some distraction from real life, so I decided to read the first chapter. Well, naturally after reading the first chapter I just kept going. I have to say that this is honestly one of the strangest books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I'm not even sure how to describe it if someone asked. I will say that I found the world of Sang pretty interesting. The author doesn't seem to take herself too seriously which is one of the reasons I think this book works for me. I really appreciated the humor and I like that the narrator realized the absurdity of some of the situations she was placed in. There is definitely something a bit sinister about Criminy. That being said I found him to be a rather likable character overall. Tish got on my nerves from time to time and I questioned some of her decisions, but I think perhaps deep down she's a bit sinister too. A couple of things to be aware of before reading this book: It's written in first person. Also, there is a tiny love-triangle-esque plot. Neither of these things hindered my enjoyment of the story. I would definitely suggest this book if you are looking for something different. All in all an interesting read. I will definitely pick up the next book in the series, which I believe is about Casper.