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Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove  - Lisa Kleypas

I really enjoyed this book. I'm a big fan of the entire Friday Harbor series and this book was a great addition to it.


I have seen a host of mixed reviews on this one, so let me breakdown why it worked for me:


1. Jason (our hero) came across as really dark initially and I wasn't sure I would like him, but as Justine started to get to know him I was pleased to see he was hiding a sense of humor under his whole dark, soulless, billionaire persona. Also, every now and then he would say something nerdy and I so enjoy nerdy guys.


2. The much discussed BDSM in this book is very much BDSM-light. There is some bondage (it's only one scene) and I didn't find it too shocking. (Of course, I also read my fair share of erotica, your mileage may vary.)


3. I have been a fan of Justine since I was introduced to her so seeing her finally find someone that makes her happy was very satisfying for me.


4. The love-at-first-sight aspect worked for me in this book (this is not true for every book I read.) I almost got the feeling they were fated to be together based on how everything is wrapped up which made the whole thing come together for me. Plus, it seemed to fit Jason's personality in a way. He's decisive and makes choices without a lot of drama.


I had a few small issues, I would've liked to have seen more of the characters from previous books (I understand why they weren't in there, but it would've still made me happy.) I also thought Marigold was a bit too villainous and that the ending wrapped up a bit quicker than I expected.


Overall, a really good read. I think Jason is a character that I will remember for a while. He had layers and part of me wishes I could read more about him just so I could keep peeling them back and seeing what else is hidden there.


Bonus points to Lisa Kleypas for throwing in that little bit about Jason's game needing patched and the patch causing the dragons to fly ass-backward. The nerdy gamer inside of me couldn't help chuckling over that reference.