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The Perfect Rake

The Perfect Rake (Merridew Series) - Anne Gracie

I found this book utterly delightful. Gideon is perhaps the best charming rake I've ever read. His irreverent humor had me smiling from the first time Prudence meets him.


The web of lies that keeps Prudence all tangled up in this book is complex but entertaining to read. Prudence was a strong woman, which I'm always happy to read about. She was also the ugly duckling in her family and everyone felt the need to remind her of it. I really liked the fact that Gideon found her beautiful from the moment he met her. Often times with the "ugly duckling" theme the hero has some kind of epiphany and realizes how lovely the heroine is, so it was truly refreshing that he thought she was attractive from the start.


All the other sisters were great and I am really looking forward to Grace's story. I also liked Augusta and Great-uncle Oswold quite a lot.


The villain in this book is extremely villainous and sadly it's their grandfather. I did find the scenes that included him to be difficult to read, but with good reason.


My only quibble with this one was that I thought Prudence's engagement lasted a bit too long and I felt like a sensible girl like Prudence would've realized that something wasn't quite right with Phillip a lot sooner. Overall, I'm super excited that I got all of this series at one time because it's one I look forward to continuing.