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I'm an internet junkie that is obsessed with books. I own more than I will ever read in this lifetime and yet I'm still compelled
to buy more. I read mostly romance (mild to completely smutty), YA and urban fantasy.

Ride with Me: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

Ride with Me - Ruthie Knox All I can really say about this book is that it was decent. I didn't find it especially good or bad. For the most part I liked the hero, Tom. He had a lot of baggage and sometimes he was a bit of a baby about it, but when he was charming, he was very charming. Lexie was a pretty likable heroine as well. One of the reasons I picked up the book was because of the road trip aspect of it. I like the idea of seeing the country on bike and I think the book worked in that respect. Side note: This book ended up being a bit shorter than I had anticipated, ending at 84% on my kindle.