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The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek

The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek - Piper Vaughn, Xara X. Xanakas

This book was adorable. Seriously. Both Fee and Ash were just so damn cute that you wanted to keep watching them as they bumbled through their relationship.


The story was entirely from Ash's POV and I love that even though Ash was a party boy, he wasn't a jerk. I would have loved to have read some of Fee's POV as well, but I think living through Ash the way we did really made you go through all the emotions he was going through. One thing I really liked about the relationship was how both guys grew. Ash in particular really came into his own and I was rooting for him the whole time. It was also nice that they didn't jump in the sack right away. It made it all the better when they actually did. There are a lot of possibilities here for future books, but personally, I hope the next one is about Ty. I want to find out more of his story.


*I won my copy of this book*