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Dangerous Curves Ahead: A Perfect Fit Novel

Dangerous Curves Ahead - Sugar Jamison

So, let me clarify that usually when I give two stars it's because I didn't like but I didn't hate it with burning passion either. In this case, the two stars is more in keeping with the Goodreads definition of "it was okay."


I absolutely love the idea of this series. Women of all shapes and sizes finding love. Who doesn't love that idea? As a curvy girl myself, I certainly do. I think the series idea holds a lot of promise, unfortunately the execution wasn't there for me in this book. I think my main problem is that I didn't like Ellis or Mike. I found them both whiny and annoying which I suppose means they were perfect for each other.


Our heroine's self-esteem was nearly non-existent. She was constantly bashing herself and I found it a bit depressing and disheartening because it seems every time I pick up a book with a bigger leading lady this is always the case. Why are there no positive big ladies in romance? There were several conflicts in the book (perhaps too many) but the main issue was typical relationship trust problems between our main characters. I wouldn't normally have an issue with that, except that they kept having the same argument over and over again. I suppose that is realistic, but not exactly enjoyable reading.


The highlights of this book were the side characters. I loved Colin. He was amusing and I thought he got a lot of fun dialogue. Ellis's father, Walter, was the real star of the book though. It's not often I read such a well-done and lovely portrayal of a character with Asperger's. This probably isn't a series I will continue, but if you are looking for a curvy heroine, then give it a try.