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Almost Like Being in Love

Almost Like Being in Love - Steve Kluger

I loved this book a crazy amount. The characters were charming, the hijinks and one-liners kept me chuckling and the love story was beautiful.This book is written in the epistolary style, which may not work for everyone, but I loved it.


Travis was Craig's first love and vice versa. Even though they were only together a relatively short time it shaped them as people and they never really stopped loving each other. They both really wanted what was best for each other and that was perhaps the reason that they fit so perfectly together.


I loved both Craig and Travis (although Travis a little more since he was a bit wacky and had OCD.) Plus, when Travis told Charleen and Craig the story of his road trip I had a fit of giggles.


The side characters were many, but I genuinely liked them all. I especially love how the author wrote Clayton. He was a great guy and worthy of Craig's love, but you could still tell that they weren't perfect for each other the way he and Travis were.


I have to say that by the end of the book I was left feeling utterly charmed and wishing for more. This book is one of a very small number that I will be keeping so that I can read it again.


As a side note: I would definitely recommend getting this one in paperback rather than ebook.