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Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl

The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl - Gina Lamm

Okay, so this book started out really promising. In fact up until about 40% I was really enjoying it.


Jamie gets sent back in time through a mirror and finds herself in 1816. She's a gamer girl and watching her try to assimilate to the past was entertaining. (I also liked watching the earl discover the joys of Angry Birds.)


Where everything started to go south for me was after the two decide they are in love. It felt too fast to me. I didn't feel like I really got to see them fall in love, one day they just were. Also, I didn't like the change in Jamie. She seemed to get whinier and at one point where she goes out again after being shot the previous time she went for a walk I nearly labeled her TSTL. Micah wasn't much better. Then when she returns to her time in order to save Baron's life, (the earl's pet greyhound - it was her stupid decision that got him injured) she literally sits around and mopes for three months. She is about to lose her house because she can't pay the bills because she is literally doing nothing.


There were a host of other smaller issues. Such as things that never really got resolved. We never learned the fate of Mrs. Knightsbridge or who Muriel was in love with. And how exactly was Micah going to make it in the present. He had no birth certificate, no social security number, no job skills... I mean, how on earth is that going to work out?


I feel like an epilogue might have improved the ending somewhat. So, while this book had the potential to be a really fun read, ultimately it just didn't work for me. The beginning was fun and I loved Baron, but was left feeling disappointed and annoyed by the end.