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Texas Destiny

Texas Destiny - Lorraine Heath

LOVED IT! I will admit I started this book with some trepidation, because it's a historical western. This is definitely not a sub-genre I have a lot of interest in as a rule. And it's only the third book I've ever read with this setting. Having said that, there was absolutely no need for the trepidation because this book was wonderful! It was such a touching and sweet love story between two people that had lived through hell.


Both Amelia and Houston had their lives devastated by the Civil War, but they dealt with it in such opposing ways. I liked that dynamic between them. They could understand each other, but at the same time because of their opposite personalities they also pushed each other. I would say the journey in this book was really Houston's. He grew so much as a result of meeting Amelia and loving her. He learned that he has worth as a person and that he can't let the past define him. It was a lovely thing to read.


There was tons of action in this book. Snake bites, storms, floods and horse thieves, but it all fit in really well with the love story.


The most compelling thing was the fact that Amelia was contracted to marry Houston's brother Dallas. At the beginning of the book, I suspected Dallas was going to end up being horrible so it would be easier for Houston to fight for Amelia. I was pleased that the author didn't take the easy route and instead made Dallas a good man. He had his faults but he loved his brothers and he treated Amelia with respect.


As far as side characters, there were not many. Mainly, Dallas and Austin (Houston's brothers.) I really liked them both and look forward to reading their books. This is definitely a series I want to continue. Five big stars and a thank you to Jonetta for recommending this book to me!