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Three to Ride [Nights in Bliss, Colorado 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

Three to Ride  - Sophie Oak

I've heard tons of talk about this series and while I definitely had a few issues with it, overall it was an enjoyable read and the sex scenes were well done and hot!


The basic plot is that Rachel is on the run from a stalker and ends up in the small artsy town of Bliss. People are super open and accepting there, which seemed nice. She meets Max and they end up hooking up, but she finds she's also interested in his twin brother Rye. Max and Rye prefer to share so it all works out for them in the end.


My major issues were the fact that the three of them fell in love instantly. Especially since Max didn't even think he was capable of it prior to meeting Rachel. Also, there were some other small things such as the auction thing, which was a bit lame. The stalker plot was predictable, but it still had enough suspense to keep me reading. Overall, 3 stars and I will be visiting Bliss again. There are several other promising characters in the book to explore.