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Tarnished Knight (London Steampunk, #1.5)

Tarnished Knight - Bec McMaster

This is one of the best novellas I've read. There is a complete story here and nothing feels rushed along. Plus, I was already a big fan of this whole world the author has created from Kiss of Steel (which I adored.)


Rip and Esme's story is a friends-to-lovers theme, which I quite enjoyed. Their relationship was set-up well in the first book, so you already know where they are at when you pick up this one. I liked Rip and Esme, but I didn't have the same connection to them as I did to Honoria and Blade. There were moments where I grew frustrated with them because of their utter lack of communication and I was extremely grateful when Blade decided to meddle.


After the book, there was a short little piece about Lena and Will, which I loved. It has really got me excited to read Heart of Iron.


Overall 4 stars and a "I can't believe this was free."


Also, a sidenote: There is a glossary at the end of this book which I strongly suggest you check out if you have not read the first book.