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Heart of Iron

Heart of Iron - Bec McMaster

This book was so good! I love how the author is creating this world. There is so much danger and so many factors the characters are dealing with. The potential for future books is immense. There are so many characters that you want to find happiness. (When is Leo's book, Bec McMaster?)


This is Will and Lena's story. I had high expectations for this book and I definitely think it lived up to it. Lena was an interesting character. She had been through a lot in her short life and I think in the beginning of this book she was trying to find her place in the world. I did find her a bit silly in the beginning and she made TONS of bad choices. I just wanted to find her and ask "what were you thinking?" but as the book went along she did grow up a bit.


Will was definitely a tortured hero. The reasons he pushed Lena away were noble ones, but he couldn't help trying to protect her when he knew she was in trouble (which was all the time, it seemed.)


I loved all the action in this book and how treacherous the world is. There are very few people that can be trusted and sometimes it's not always clear who those people are.


I was also rather surprised that Lena was infected with the Loupe. Will talked about how it was a curse the whole book and was trying so hard to keep Lena from becoming infected that it was a bit unexpected for me.


All of the characters I loved from the first book and novella showed up in this one. I was thrilled to see Blade and Honoria again. I also found it really interesting that her blood was making him too human and he was losing his strength because of it. Rip and Esme also made a few appearances.


I strongly recommend you read the first book in the series before taking on this one. The world is complex and I think you would miss some of the details if you don't start from the beginning.


Also of note, this book definitely has a bit more of the steampunk elements than previous books. Overall I would say 4.5 because I was occasionally frustrated with Lena, but I loved the rest of it so much.