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Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires Series #5)

Drink Deep - Chloe Neill I am actually surprised how much I liked this book. Don't get me wrong I've loved the rest of the series, but with the big Ethan issue at the end of the last book, I wondered if this book would really work for me. After reading it I think I finally understand why the author had to get rid of Ethan for a bit. If for no other reason than to get Merit into the RG. I doubt she would have done it if Ethan had still been her master. Also, I think the author is setting up a love triangle between Ethan, Merit and Jonah. I have to say I'm not generally a fan of love triangles. Often times the person in the center of the triangle ends up becoming someone I hate. So I sincerely hope that does not happen in this case. That being said, I did really enjoy getting to know Jonah better and I like him a lot, which I wasn't expecting. (Still not as much as Ethan though.)As for the Mallory development, I suspected her almost from the first time the water turned black. It seemed an obvious possibility to me as a reader, but I can honestly see how Merit didn't realize. Here we are talking about someone that was like a sister to her and you would never expect that kind of betrayal from someone you are so close to. I also like that the author made it so that Mallory can be redeemed because she hasn't exactly turned evil so much as lost herself to an addiction. Also, I'm happy to say that this book left me very excited about the next book in the series without the horrific cliffhanger-esque ending of the previous book. The whole Merit-and-Ethan-on-a-roadtrip thing is totally appealing to me and I'm also very interested to see all the changes in Ethan since his resurrection. Hopefully two of my biggest questions will be touched upon in the next book: what pull does Mallory now have on Ethan? and how exactly does Tate figure in to all of this? All I can say for certain at this point is that the next book is WAY too far off.