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Private Practice

Private Practice - Samanthe Beck

This was such a fun little read. Ellie is a doctor that has returned to her small hometown to take care of her alcoholic, diabetic father and open her own practice. Being there brings back an old crush she had from high school and she hatches a plan to try and land her dream guy. In the process she falls for Tyler, which wasn't a part of the plan at all.


This plot has been done before, but it isn't always done this well. I found this book delightful and for a light read it has some nice depth to it as well. The characters were all wonderful. I was really pleased that the author steered clear of the stereotypical evil ex and she could've made Roger into a jerk, but instead we get Mel, who I loved. And Roger who was a really great guy dealing with his own drama.


I will say that it was fairly obvious from the first mention of Doug that Roger was gay, but Ellie had such tunnel vision she didn't see it. I really liked that all the characters felt like real people. Tyler was definitely the highlight of this book for me. I think just about any girl would be lucky to find a guy like him. Perhaps because I liked him so well, I did want to shake Ellie a few times to wake her up to the great guy right in front of her. Overall, a really great read and a wonderful way to spend some time while I'm down and out with a pretty bad cold.