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Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)

Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn

I bought this book because I adore the Lux series by this author and contemporary is my current sub-genre of choice. I have to say I found this story a bit disappointing.


The storyline was pretty typical especially for books categorized as New Adult. I had a tough time connecting to Avery. I spent a lot of the book frustrated with her. Cam was the player (that wasn't really a player) and bad boy (that wasn't really a bad boy.) He was the typical swoonworthy and understanding guy that falls for Avery pretty much from the moment she literally runs into him and then pursues her for months even though she keeps turning him down.


The story was fine, if a bit predictable. I had a general feeling of blah and I'm not sure why the characters didn't work for me since I know JLA can write characters that can bring me to tears (in a good way.) I did think that most of the dialogue felt genuine and a few of the little quirks, like Raphael and the fact that Cam liked to bake were charming.


There were two nitpicky things that bothered me. I did not like the endearment "sweetheart." It just didn't work for me and it sounded awkward. Also, I twitched a little when Avery and Cam finally had sex and there was absolutely no discussion about protection. Not a condom in sight anywhere. I guess for some people it's more romantic without it, but for me all I could think about during what was supposed to be a hot scene was the fact that she absolutely did NOT need to get pregnant at that point in her life.


And a heads-up that the editing in this book isn't the best. There were lots of sentences where a word was missing and a few sentences that were nothing more than fragments. This really pulled me out of the story.


Overall, this was an okay read. I would recommend this book to die-hard New Adult readers. As for me, I will probably stick to this author's YA books in the future.