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The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West

I loved this book! I admit that I'm a sucker for the rich/celebrity guy falling for the poor girl theme, so this book really worked for me. If that isn't a trope that works for you, you may want to give this one a pass.


I liked Caymen right off the bat. Her dry, somewhat dark humor had me giggling from the very beginning and when Xander walked into her life and took her sarcasm in stride, I instantly liked him as well.


The plot is pretty standard for this type of book, with a bit of a twist toward the end involving Caymen's mom. There were some interesting moments that were unexpected such as when Caymen and Xander go grave-digging that gave the book a unique feel. I did think the book had some similarities to another book I really enjoyed this year: This Is What Happy Looks Like. I really loved both books and although the idea was kind of similar it didn't take away from my enjoyment of this book.


Overall, a five-star read for me based solely on my enjoyment of the book. I definitely think it would be a good beach read.